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Frequently Asked Questions

Does each StompLight® product come with an Owner's Manual?
Our products ship with a Quick Start Guide. You will find a more complete  Owner's Manual link under More Info at bottom of our webpages.
How much of the stage does a StompLight Professional light?
The StompLight Professional has a powerful built-on LED lighting array designed to wash 10' x 10'. If you want to light a larger area you can connect and expand the stage lighting quickly & simply by adding additional StompLight® Pros and Pals (or many basic 3-channel RGB DMX lights)
Can multiple StompLight®Professionals and Pals be connected together?
Heck Yes!   You can connect multiple StompLight® Pros together and assign one as your Controller and the other Pros set as clients/slaves. You can also use or mix in Pals as client/slaves all connected quickly & simply using XLR micorphone cables. StompLight® products are also capable of working with some other brand DMX controllers and DMX lighting products.
Can I use StompLight to control other 3-channel RGB DMX lights that I already have?
In many cases yes. The StompLight Pro will control DMX lights that can be programmed. You simply need to program StompLight's DMX address into your existing RGB light. Stomplight's DMX address is 123. Set your existing light to channel 1. Many lower cost DMX units can be set this way. Refer to your product owner's manual on how to program/set DMX addresses.
What is my StompLight® Pro's DMX address?
StompLight's® DMX address is 1,2,3  This is what you need to set an external DMX light to. This is StompLight's ® "address" and three slots out of the 512 that DMX allows for. The slots are for the RGB data, slot 2 = RED, 3 = GREEN, and 4=BLUE. This is the most common way that DMX controlled lights work.
Are the StompLight power adapters interchangeable? 

NO. You must use the power adapter that came in the box with the specific StompLight® product you purchased. The PRO and PAL power adapters are not suited to charge the StompLight®Power Banks. The Power Bank charger runs at a higher voltage, lower current and has a charging circuit that cuts off the flow of energy when the Power Bank is fully charged. Do not use the StompLight® Power Bank charger adapter to power a StompLight® Pro or Pal as the circuitry is not designed for the load and may damage the charger and the Pro or Pal..

My StompLight® foot-switches aren't working correctly.

On occasion some of the Daier foot-switches we order come from the factory with a thin film (lube) that can prevent proper contact until dissipated. If your StompLight® foot-switches are not operating correctly out of the box here are two simple fixes you should try:

1) Using your hand or foot press (cycle) each foot switch 20 - 30 times. In most cases your StompLight will now function properly.

2) Restore Factory Default - Unplug your StompLight® and while holding down the On/Off foot-switch plug your StompLight® back in. Hold the On/Off Foot-switch for at least 3 seconds during this process. Repeat as needed. 

Does StompLight® just send DMX commands that mimic what the on board light array is doing or does it have more capability? 
The short easy answer is it sends commands that mimic what the on board lighting is doing. StompLight's® DMX address is 1,2,3. The medium answer is there is a bit more "information" in the DMX stream and a clever DMX lighting person could do some interesting things.Our engineering team is talking about the fact that besides the final output RGB we could also put out the raw RGB and our brightness value, and possibly the values of our Spectrum Analyzer. This is the real magic of DMX. 
Is StompLight® patented?
Yes, to date StompLight®  has been awarded (3) US Patents: 9,185,776 & 9,462,654 & Design D789,896. Patents pending
What happens if the LED lighting array fails or is damaged?
Don't panic. Complete a Factory Restart by (1) unplugging your Stompy from power. (2) Holding hown the On/OFF foot-switch power your Stompy back up. That should do the trick.
Next step send us an email or give us a call. StompLight products use Cree XL LEDs. These world class LEDs have a 50,000 hour lifespan and are durable. We also engineered a protective diffuser that covers the LED providing both protection and soft light diffusion. The entire array is modular and in the event of damage or failure easy to replace as needed.
Can StompLight® products be attached easily to a microphone stand?
Yes. the StompLight® Professional and StompLight® Pal enclosures come pre-drilled with fasteners in place and are engineered for the easy addition of the StompLight® Surface-Mount Flange Mic Stand Adapter (Female). See Our Products Header above..
Does the StompLight® Professional have a tap tempo feature so the light flashes in time with my playing on guitar ?  This visual aid would be great for cuing my drummer when working with a loop! StompLight® does not have tap tempo however StompLight® can provide a solution: On your pedal board set-up run (or split) your guitar signal into the StompLight audio input on the rear panel and select the Instrument Input Mode. Dampen the strings over the bridge and brush/touch your guitar strings in time. StompLight will respond with a flash of light for each brush/touch. StompLight® has a quick delay time and the input gain is very responsive. This could do the trick.On bigger stages you could connect a StompLight Pal and place it next to the drummer.

Troubleshooting Chart

StompLight® not responding

Unplug power adapter, wait 10 seconds and plug power adapter back in. 



Restoring Factory Default Settings


Unplug your StompLight. While holding down the On/Off foot-switch plug your StompLight® back in. Hold the On/Off Foot-switch for at least 3 seconds during this process. Repeat as needed. 


StompLight® not powering up

Inspect Power Adapter. StompLight® requires a center-positive 12 volt 3 amp power adapter. Typical effect pedal adapters will not work. If a replacement is needed contact StompLight.


When using the StompLight Power Bank be sure all cables are secure and Power Bank’s green indicator LEDS are lit.


Verify wall power is active


LED Array may be disabled via User Configuration. Unplug power adapter from rear panel. Wait 10 seconds and plug back in while holding down the On/Off Switch. 


Lighting Diffuser is loose

Using a small Allen Wrench carefully tighten the 6 fasteners to ensure the lighting diffuser stays in place.